Best cheap armchairs 2019- top picks and in depth reviews

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For many homes, the importance of an armchair cannot be undermined. The right cheap armchairs can do more than just provide a comfortable place to sit. In fact, choosing the right cheap armchairs can completely change the vibe of your house, give a good impression when you have guests over and also help improve your posture.

Comfort plays a huge part in the purchasing of cheap armchairs. The only thing worse than choosing the wrong colour armchair is purchasing one that is really uncomfortable. If you find that sitting on an armchairCheap armchairs that is not as comfortable as you thought it would be, then it’s a sign that you have bought the wrong kind of cheap armchairs.

Now that you know the importance of adding a new armchair to your home, you need to consider the complications involved during the buying phase. Should you be buying one based on the cost or the brand? Should you buy one based on the materials used or the size?  Luckily, I have created this little guide to help you choose the right cheap armchairs. On this site, I will review the best available on the market today as well as answer some questions you may have when trying to purchase one.

On this page, and all other pages on this site, I will be reviewing the top picks for cheap armchairs as well as be giving a non biased overview on whether the armchair would be a suitable choice for your home. There are tonnes of different armchairs avaialble on the market today and on this buyers guide, I’ll be showing you:

    • How to find the best cheap armchairs
    • How to find a suitable oversized reading armchair

My top 5 picks

Note: The cheap armchairs displayed below are of my own personal recommendations. 

Top 5 cheap armchairs of 2019

Polished Microfiber Recliner Loveseat with Nailhead Accent in Chocolate Brown Review

Polished Microfiber Recliner Loveseat with Nailhead Accent in Chocolate Brown

Made out of a stylish yet resistant fibre material, the polished microfiber  recliner is an amazing armchair to invest in. The super soft premium fabric is one to behold as the quality of the material allows for maximum comfort and sweat reduction due to the matte finish.

This armchair will bring the style to your household due to its exquisite design which only few can pull off. If you’re looking to impress your visitors, this armchair will definitely do the job.

Surprisingly, the armchair is incredibly lighter than it looks at a measly 95lb. The height reaches a total of 38 inches and the width is 37 inches once assembled properly.

It also does an awesome job at reducing back pain which not a lot of armchairs on the market today focus on. I can 100% guarantee that this armchair will never punish your back. In fact, my posture has increased tenfold  when I purchased this armchair a few days ago.

I highly recommend this armchair if you are looking to make your home look stylish and sleek. If you are still not persuaded, just check out my full review for this armchair here or check out the product by clicking the button below.

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Madison Park Maxwell Chair – Blue

Madison park maxwell chair - blue

I’m really excited to review this armchair as it definitely is one of the top 5 choices in my opinion. The Madison Park armchair is truly a refined piece of art. It is very simple in design yet it is can make any home look 10x better than it already is.

The reason why the blue Maxwell armchair is a top choice is because of the fact that it fits into any  room. That is what makes this chair stand out considerably from any other armchair.

You can use this armchair anywhere in the home such as at the end of the dining table, near the coffee table or even by the space at the foyer. This armchair would also look incredibly beautiful when purchased in pairs.

Check out the full review of this armchair here or click the button below to see the latest prices for this beauty.

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Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair RED review

This mid century modern armchair is incredibly casual and cool. The bright red color is a perfect accent color that goes with majority of neutral color schemes.Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair in Color Red

The design of the chair itself is quite vintage and would look like something that would be put in a 60s seating group.

Judging by the size of the armchair, it is incredibly spacious with more than enough space to cuddle up. The backrest is also upright meaning it gives optimum support to your back when sitting down which is good for posture and reducing back problems.

The armrests are not my favorite thing about the armchair in my opinion, however it is big enough to hold many things like a bowl of popcorn whilst watching a movie.

The assembly of the product is a really straightforward process. I was however stupid while doing the assembly and turned a 5 minute thing into a 30 minute ordeal which included contacting the seller asking how to set up the armchair.

I was putting the leg into the wrong hole! I learned from my mistakes and managed to complete the task in a whopping 5 minutes.

Check out the full review and the idiocy I went through here or check the latest prices for the product by clicking the button below.

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Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Vintage Print Review

 You know, my daughter is a pretty playful kid. She runs around the house a lot and everything in the house is her plaything. One thing she needs in her life is space. I couldn’t find an armchair which accommodates small rooms meaning she didn’t have much space to play.

Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Vintage Print

That was of course, before I found the Homelegance 1193F2S armchair. I sound like a bloody infomercial haha. Jokes aside, I don’t tend to purchase things online. Not only because I’m scared of identity theft and banking information being stolen but because I don’t want the wrong sized product to be delivered.

I remember when my great uncle Charlie purchased a t-shirt for my young nephew and it came 2 sizes too big! Because of international fees and postage payments, it was too much hassle to send it back and too expensive. After that, I decided that ordering online may not be the right way to go, especially for a high ticket item like an armchair.

However, there was something about this chair that caught my eye. It was incredibly cheap and had this style about it that I couldn’t explain. It just looked…perfect. I decided to take a risk and order the armchair.

The chair came in less than 48 hours which was super quick. Once the delivery driver knocked my door, I could feel my palms get sweaty and my legs trembling. My anxiety kicked in and I questioned whether it was the right purchase. Would the chair look good? Would it be the right size?

I opened the door and the delivery driver handed me the box to the chair.

I walked inside and opened the box slowly just praying I didn’t make a mistake. Luckily for me, the chair looked just as described. It was perfect. Assembly took less than 5 minutes and everyone was happy! Especially my daughter.

Read the full review here or check out the latest price for this armchair below.

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Marion Quilted Ivory Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair Review

Who doesn’t love a nicely made bachelor pad? Bachelor pads are awesome. I remember back in college, me and a buddy of mine made an epic man cave. It took us nearly 3 months to set up but once it was done, it looked brilliant. The one thing our man cave got complimented on the most was our divine choice in armchairs.

Marion Quilted Ivory Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair w/ Chrome Nailhead Accents

We made sure to choose the best looking armchair which would compliment our man cave and make it look sophisticated yet casual. We chose a Marion Quilted Ivory leather chair due to its amazing looking design. We were not disappointed.

The armchair had a vibe to it which could not be explained via a wall of text. There was something unique about it. The design of the armchair was amazing alone and could literally stand out in any room, hands down. It was also incredibly lightweight and can be moved around the room with ease. It was also really supportive of my back and caused no discomfort at all.

It was a 10/10 armchair and not surprisingly, I am purchasing my 3rd one next week!

Check out the full review here or see the latest prices for this armchair below.

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Ultimate buyers  guide to choosing the right cheap armchair

When it comes to buying an armchair, most people tend to choose one that just looks “nice”. That is the wrong way to go about. Consider this. You spend $600+ on an armchair that looks really nice but 5 months down the line, your back starts to hurt after you get up, it feels less comfortable and it looks a bit tacky. $600 has just gone down the drain.  Would you want to endure that?

Hopefully your head is screwed on and you said no. Many people make the mistake of purchasing an armchair that just looks nice. They don’t take anything else in consideration and that is why people regret buying it 6 months down the line.

I honestly don’t want you to go through that. I’ve tried and tested many armchairs throughout my lifewhen I had my dorm, my apartment and eventually my first home. These ranged from incredibly cheap armchairs to very expensive armchairs. Through my experience, I’ve found that there are a few factors that everyone needs to know about before they click the buy button. In this short but sweet buyers guide, you’ll will learn 6 factors that could make ALL the difference when it comes to purchasing cheap armchairs online.  These factors are:

  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Vibe

I will go through each of these factors in full depth to let you know exactly why these are important when purchasing an armchair. At the end of this little buyer’s guide, you should have a full grasp on the importance of choosing wisely and should also have a good idea on what armchair you should introduce to your home.  After all, an armchair is an investment so it pays to have this knowledge before parting with your hard earned cash.


You’re on this website for one reason. You want the best armchair around for the least amount of money possible. I get it. It’s understandable. No one wants to throw $700 down the drain for an armchair which they are going to throw away a year later because it no longer looks nice.

empty wallet

You want a cheap armchair which has the qualities necessary to be comfortable, to last extremely long and makes your home look a lot more beautiful. Have no fear. On this guide, you will gain a mountain load of knowledge about choosing the perfect armchair.

The cost is one factor that many people seem to shy away from. No one wants to spend a lot of money on an armchair because it hurts the wallet and no one wants to spend little money because they don’t want to seem “cheap”.  Most people just find a happy medium between the two and choose one that is affordable.

Well what if I told you, you could buy a cheap armchair for less than $500 that is nowhere near tacky and unappealing as people think? You could have your hands on a beautifully designed armchair which has the qualities of an expensive one, minus the cost.

Every armchair reviewed on this website fits this description. If you want my recommendation of the best armchair which is cheap in price, yet expensive in the way it looks, then click here.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Nobody wants to sit on an uncomfortable armchair. I remember visiting a friend of mine and he had, by far, had the worst armchair I have ever sat on. The whole time I was sitting, I was thinking of the punishment my back had to go through. Once I left his house, my back thanked me graciously.

It is obviously important to have an armchair which is comfortable and dishing out a couple more dollars for a nicely made armchair could go a long way.


Who said “size doesn’t matter?” Of course it does! If you’re thinking of buying the right armchair for your home, size is an absolutely important factor that needs to be considered before ordering. You don’t want to be purchasing the wrong sized armchair and then regret it later on because it doesn’t suit your home.

There’s 2 different type of sizes when it comes to armchairs. You could buy a small armchair or a big one. If you have a small room, a big armchair may be out of the question. A small armchair can be perfect for these small rooms as it makes rooms look spacious, as well as look beautiful due to its very appealing design.

There are tons of armchairs on the market today with many different sizes. My favorite small armchair is this one because it looks really luxurious and makes rooms look bigger than they are due to how it is designed. My friend has recently ordered this armchair and has absolutely no complaints about it. In fact, she keeps nagging me to go buy one for my small apartment because of how good it is! I may take up her offer.


Color is one of, if not, the most important choice for the purchasing of cheap armchairs. Choosing the wrong color can easily affect your home in regards to its design and layout. There are many ways to go through the process of choosing the right color. This involves doing some research around your home to see what color scheme you have.

If your home contains things such as brown leather sofas, pine wood tables etc, you could be sure that buying a purple armchair may not look as appealing. Choosing a brown armchair however is a different matter as it matches the description above.

“Well what if I want different colors?”

Some people may opt out of having the same color for their armchair and that’s understandable! It’s not the

colourful chair

Image from

only way to go about it. Did you know you could go mad with colors and still have an amazing room. Check out this image.

Even though the armchair is blue and the room has other green chairs, brown laminate floors and yellow wallpapers, the room still looks amazing due to the different colors being splashed around the room.

You could achieve the exact same feel to your room by experimenting with different color schemes when buying cheap armchairs.

My only advice is not to go overboard. Like you, I got overexcited when choosing different color armchairs and this led to poor outcomes because they didn’t match the room!

So the lesson here is… don’t be me.


You need to weigh up your options when it comes to choosing the right material armchair. There are many different fabrics to choose from and each one is catered to different people who have different living conditions. For example, if you have pets around the house, choosing a velvet style armchair is a terrible idea.

I have 2 large labradors who run around the home a lot. They can never stay still. However, my home isn’t a mess and my armchairs are holding out extremely well. I have 3 black leather armchairs which can withstand my 140lb dogs and have been holding out for over 4 years.

Longevity is a really important factor when it comes to purchasing cheap armchairs. You don’t want an armchair that lasts less than 12 months. I once had an armchair which once lasted me 4 months! Biggest financial mistake right there. The right material could and should last you for over 5 years. You heard me. You could buy cheap armchairs for less than $500 and have them last you well over 5 years.


This isn’t really talked about much for some reason but it is a key aspect in the decision making process of purchasing  cheap armchairs. Having the right armchair should give off a good vibe in the home. If your house is colorful and lively, buying a dull colored armchair will just ruin the vibe as it doesn’t compliment the household. Similarly, if your house is professional and sophisticated, buying a really colorful armchair may not do the house any justice.

You will need to look for that balance which compliments the household and generates a good feel vibe.

You can do this by choosing colors which are similar in style. Imagine your house has sky blue walls, you can buy any armchair which factors into this such as light green, blue, etc.

Also, when it comes to home offices, you’ll need to make sure that the vibe matches a professional level. You can read on how to create a perfect home office by clicking here. 

Cheap oversized reading chairs under $200

If you are tight on money and require an armchair which is incredibly low in cost,  this guide is perfect for you. There are a few cheap oversized reading chairs under $200 which you can grab your hands on. In fact, some can be as low as $50. These armchairs are mostly made for children as they are small in stature.  Read ahead if you want to learn more about these cheap armchairs under $200.

Cheap armchairs under 200

KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim, Blue

This beautiful denim armchair is perfect for any household. It’s small in size which makes it perfect for children and looks very professional. It is very soft to the touch and is durable as well as stain resistant. What makes it so durable is the strong wooden structure that holds the armchair in place and the high density foam makes it very comfortable to sit on as well as safe.

 This armchair is available in a variety of colors including blue, brown and green which makes choosing this armchair even more easier as it caters to different vibes.
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KEET Roundy Child Size Chair with Microsuede Ottoman, Ages 2-5 years

Wouldn’t it look cute if you can buy an armchair specifically made for your children who are a young stage in life?Cheap armchairs under 100 This armchair even comes with its very own ottoman! It is very comfortable due to its high density foam which adds a level of comfort that can’t be found on most other armchairs of this niche and its strong wooden structure offers high durability and a level of security for your kids. The material is very unique in the sense that it is a microsuede fabric which is also incredibly soft, durable as well as stain resistant.

This armchair also comes in a variety of colors including brown, hot pink and lavender.  You can check out the latest price for this product by clicking the button below.

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Great buying tips to choosing the right armchair

Some people may not enjoy the process of purchasing cheap armchairs online and that’s understandable. It’s a high ticket item and an investment for your home. If you really want to get your hands on a beautiful armchair but are anxious about forking over money online, this little guide will be of immense help to you.

Read on to find out how you can buy an armchair online without failing.

#1: Budgeting

One of the most important factors when buying armchairs online is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on an armchair? If you would like cheap armchairs, you most likely want to keep your budget down under $400. If you are looking for the extremely high quality ones, you may even extend your budget to $700+.

Budgeting will allow you to narrow down your choices of armchairs. The top 5 choices listed above are great value for money and can accommodate your budget. Read the reviews up above and make your choices. If you would like to see all the products for the armchairs,  check out these reviews.

#2: Product reviews

Most people won’t order anything unless they see testimonials online. If you like a specific armchair, read the reviews from other buyers and see if it matches up with your expectations. If it does, you’ve found a winner! If the reviews are mostly terrible for the products, you’ll know that the product may not live up to your expectations.

#3: Warranty

Finally, last but not least, the warranty. Check to see if the manufacturer of the products have a long period of time for their warranties. Obviously, you want the product to last a really long time, but on some occasions, products may become defect and need to be replaced and that’s where the warranty comes in. A warranty is a security measure put in place assuring you that your product is well protected in times of need.

After considering all of the 3 factors, you are ready to order your very own armchair! I highly recommend you read all of my armchair reviews as it has taken me a lot of time and dedication to test out the armchairs and write these reviews.

Happy buying