Buyers guide to finding the best barber chairs for sale

Do NOT buy barber chairs for sale until you read this

If you own a barber shop or are currently looking to open a barber shop, you may be wondering what you need in regard to starting it up. The most important asset a barber shop has in their arsenal other than clips, razors and other machines is the barber chair. If you’re looking for long term growth for your barber¬† shop, you’ll need to find the best barber chairs on the market so that customers will keep coming back to you again and again.

Why do you need to find the best barber chairs?

Barber chairs are a vital part of a barber furniture. Without looking for the right old barber chair, customers may not be a return visitor to your store. Most barbers understand that comfort is key when it comes to providing a hair cut service in their barber store.  If you can provide the best comfort in your barber shop, then chances are customers will be coming back to you and sending word that your shop is the best all round.

In this buyers guide, we will go through 2 of the best barber chairs on the market today which you can use to turn heads at your barbershop and get more customers walking in through the door. All the hairdressing chairs for sale on this buyers guide have been tested by a team of our employees so we can properly get a feel for how much comfort they provide, and how long they last.

2 of the best barber chairs for your barber shop

Below are our 2 top barber chairs on the market that we have currently used, reviewed and tested for multiple purposes. These include design, comfort, durability, colour, and aesthetics as well as another wide range of features that aren’t currently mentioned.

These 2 barber chairs are in our opinion the best ones to choose from on the internet, so if you want to get a detailed look and review of each of these 2 chairs, you could just read up on it below. We will begin with our #1 recommended choice which is this hydraulic recliner barber chair below. Let’s get started.

Hydraulic Recliner Barber Chair (Our #1 recommended choice)

Best barber chair

This hydraulic recliner barber chair was sent to an office of our associates 3 months ago after he purchased it. He told us it was something he needed for a new barber shop he was opening down in Dallas, and this particular model caught his eye. We wanted to give it a test run because, damn it was a good looking reclining barber chair and nothing of the sort you’d usually see in a barbers shop.

After a close inspection, we’ve found that this hydraulic reclining barber chair was by far the best choice for any barber looking to start their shop or trying to renovate their current furniture.

It is by far the most affordable barber chair on Amazon and has a lot of good reviews for the product.

The chair has extra durable padding on the footrest which means that it is extremely hard to tear it. This means it is extremely long lasting and no matter what footwear your barber clients wear, it will not affect the overall padding on the footrest.

It also has stainless steel armrests for durability and long term use. These armrests are built with high density sponge and double reinforced saddle sticking for extra comfort for clients. This is unlike many other cheap barber chairs on the market who don’t provide the double reinforced saddle sticking which means that the armrests sponge falls out a lot, and doesn’t last long.

Overall, this cheap barber chair is highly recommended for any new barber shop looking to get opened or are looking to become renovated in the sometime future. You can read more about this barber chair and buy it online with the button below.

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Hydraulic Recliner Barber Chair (Our #2 recommended choice)

All purpose hydraulic barber chair

As you can tell, we sure love our hydraulic recliner barber chairs, and for good reason too. A lot of barber shops in the united states have old barber chairs which look worn down, ripped apart, padding torn away with fluff coming out of it. Not many barber furniture can look so eloquent as this hydraulic reclining barber chair.

This recliner has many technological advancements you should expect on a 2019 barber chair model. It is no longer the 1990’s where you use push pedals to increase or decrease the height of the chair. This barber chair allows for technology to do all the work where hydraulics are used.

This model does require assembly to be done as it isn’t ready made. However the brochure and instructions manual was extremely easy to understand and I got my 7 years old nephew to help me assemble this particular model. It took no longer than 20 minutes to make sure every crook was set straight inside this barber chair.

This chair comes fitted with premium chrome in its round base making it sturdy and very good looking. The hydraulic pump comes with heavy hitting duty to make the adjustments in height a lot easier for everyone as it requires almost zero energy,

For your customers, this chair comes fitted with high density foam for extra comfort and for you, the chair comes standard with durable saddle sticking to prevent any wear and tear that chairs often get. This means the chair is long lasting and no matter how big or small your customer is, or how their shoes interact with the chair, the double reinforced saddle sticking will make it extremely hard to rip or tear the chair apart.

In our opinion, this reclining chair and the one listed above the 2 best recommended barber chairs on the market today in 2019 and we highly advice you give them a go as it is extremely affordable, and will definitely turn heads. Your customers will love you for these choices, we guarantee it. This one is also found on Amazon which you can find on an Amazon search or you can click on the button below to directly go to the Amazon page where the chair is listed so you can purchase it right now.

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Best hairdressing accessory for barbers and salon owners

Anti fatigue mat

Barbers/salon owners are underestimated in their line of work. Standing for hours on end cutting customers hair and styling it. It is hard work, especially on the leg joints and feet. That’s why as a barber or salon owner, it’s vital you maintain your health as much as you can by adding features to your store to add comfort to your feet. That’s why we recommend an anti fatigue mat for barbers.

These bad boys are perfect for long hours standing all day on your feet. The mat provides cushion to your feet all day long so your feet will be thanking you for it. It is made of 1 inch thickness so that it is softer than the ground below it. This allows for the feet to be kept soft upon entry of the mat and means that the barbers are able to work long hours without injuring themselves. In my personal opinion, this is highly recommended and is a worthwhile investment for any barbers or salon hairdressers looking to make their job a lot easier.

You can find these mats on Amazon or you can click the link below to directly go to the one we highly recommend for barbers/salons looking for good barber furniture.

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Things to look out for in a barber chair

You may be wondering what brought us to our conclusion for the top 2 recommended barber chairs listed above on this page. Well there’s a plethora of things that we took into consideration when going for barber chair reviews and these are listed below.

  1. Comfort
  2. Price
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Durability


Comfort plays a huge part in a barbers chair and this is an important step to take when purchasing a barber chair for sale. The customers are most likely going to be sitting in this chair for around 30 minutes so it’s important to make sure they are comfortable throughout the entire hair cut. Otherwise they would feel uncomfortable and visit another barber shop, despite your haircuts being better. It’s important to make sure the chairs have double padding, extra foam inside, and have at least a leather exterior so that customers can sink in rather than be sturdy on a hard surfaced chair.


This is another thing to take into consideration which is vital for the success of your salon/barbershop. You don’t want to be cheap and spend less than $100 on a barber chair which ends up being utter rubbish and breaks down every now and again. You also don’t want to spend over $1,000+ on a barber chair which would take 100s of haircuts to get a return on your investment back. Especially when you more than likely need multiple chairs in the shop as there’s rarely just one barber.

I think the sweet spot for a good barber chair for sale is $200-$400. This is for a chair which is comfortable, and durable as well as being cheap and easy to afford.


Aesthetics is something barbers don’t really think about which I find odd. Why would you want to spend a few hundred on a chair and not care about if it looks good or not. You may be scoffing but I know a ton of barbers personally who don’t care about the design of the chair and their excuse is usually “They’ve come to get a haircut, not go to an art gallery”. It made me chuckle but it’s far from the truth.

Aesthetics is extremely important for barbers and salons because for the clients sitting behind waiting for their haircut, they would like to look around and if they see that small minor details like the chair not being nice, they would assume you don’t care about the longevity of your barber business.


Lastly, durability. This is an important feature that barbers understand is vital to the success and longevity of their business. If a chair is not durable, it means that it will continuously break down, need repairs, get new chairs brought in and ultimately eat in to profits for the barber. Why pay for repairs and new chairs when you can one old barber chair that lasts an extremely long time?

Durability is quite easy to spot for barber chairs. It usually requires fitted padding on the foot section of the chair where people put their shoes on. This part of the chair is quite sensitive and is prone to wears and tears from peoples shoes especially when the shoes are dirty and eats into the barber chair material which causes it to get destroyed a lot quicker.

So extra thick padding in the chair, and hard strong material such as cow hide leather or something similar would do the job for most barber chairs as they are extremely resilient and hard to break apart.

That’s about it from this guide. We hope you learnt a lot from this barber chair buyers guide and have finally found a barber chair for sale on the website that you are looking to grab for your business. If you have any questions regarding our experience with the 2 recommended barber chairs reviewed above on this page, then feel free to email us or contact us via the contact form below and we will try and get back to you within 24 hours, or less.