Artdeco convertible armchair, royal blue full detailed review

Product Name:Artdeco convertible armchair
Color:Royal Blue
Artdeco convertible armchair, royal blue full detailed review

I’ve reviewed tonnes of armchairs on the market. From the expensive ones made from a Bazaar in Istanbul to more cheaper armchairs made in the United Kingdom. However, from all my experience when it comes to armchairs, this I must admit has been the most exhilarating purchase yet. Hands down. I’ll tell you exactly why the Artdeco convertible armchair lives up to its expectations.

I’ve purchased more than 20+ armchairs throughout my life. Some were for myself and some were purchases for friends and family members who needed help revamping their homes. However, most of the cheap armchairs I buy are of your normal standards. By this, I mean the armchairs are quite sophisticated in design and look like your typical armchair.

When I went to one of my old friends home the other day, I came across a spectacle. Honestly, I’m still smiling as I’m typing this down. He had an AMAZING armchair which was quite deceiving in its looks. It looked nothing like your typical armchair. From its appearance, it did look incredibly comfortable I must say. I sat down on it and immediately sank in.

Just from the first few seconds of sitting on it, I knew this armchair would be perfect for my dad. Luckily Christmas is right around the corner so I will be treating him with this.

Now, for the reason this armchair surprised me. It turned out to be a flatbed too! My immediate reaction when seeing this chair open was:

shocked face


Here is how the armchair looks like in its normal state and when it is set up as a flatbed.

Artdeco convertible armchair

Artdeco convertible armchair

This isn’t your typical armchair that you buy down your nearest store. Not at all. This is a new armchair which has been recently released to the public.  When I say recent, I mean, it has only been available for a few months so far.

The armchair opens into a full-sized bed. That alone is worth the price tag. You can literally just skip on buying a bed and use this awesome hybrid instead.

Here is what I liked about the Artdeco convertible armchair

There were quite a few things I liked about this armchair. One of them being that it’s a hybrid. I mean, how many armchairs turn into a full-sized bed. I bet you won’t count past your first hand.

The armchair was also extremely comfortable. By far the most comfortable armchair I have ever used in my life. It came with a lot of space which is quite surprising for an armchair because they don’t tend to have a lot of space. The material from the armchair consists of a very soft like fabric which is very smooth in complexion.

Another thing I liked about this cheap armchair is that it got a lot of compliments. A lot of people, varying from friends and family all complimented this armchair at my friend’s house. Not one person disliked it. When they saw the chair open, they were all amazed. It was like showing kids a magic trick. They didn’t understand what they just witnessed but they liked it.

The Artdeco convertible armchair also comes with 5 different varying positions which you can utilize. It is very comfortable in all positions and doesn’t have any awkward adjustments. This armchair comes with 3 different colors. However, they are not of different colors per se’. They just come in different shades of blue. These consist of:

  • Royal blue
  • Blue jeans
  • Bleu Claire

Each of these colors looks amazing. My friend has the royal blue color of this armchair and it looks nice with the lighting.

Do I recommend this armchair? 100% yes. If you want to be creative with your home and add a flair that not many people can achieve with their own homes, the Artdeco convertible armchair will do just that. It will add a new level of comfort to your home as well as bring a lot more compliments your way.

Check out the full description and price of this armchair by clicking the link below.

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