Best Selling Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair

Product Name:Tufted brown leather club chair
Brand:Heavy metal inc
Best Selling Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair

It took me seven years of juggling between a stressful fulltime job and motherhood to realize that I needed more ‘me time’. Considering that dropping everything that I was doing and escaping to a distant land from the chaos around me was out of the question, I decided to create a secluded retreat at home, that I could escape to from time to time at the drop of a hat, a reading nook.


I am not a restless person at heart. A cup of hot decaf and a good book are all I need to spiral down into the rabbit hole.


But living in a small apartment in NYC comes with its own set of challenges. Space is treated as a luxury and any changes to the layout can disrupt the applecart of the other.


So, after drawing inspirations from countless catalogs and speaking to designers online, I finally zeroed down on an awkward corner near the windowsill. Cozy, airy and well lit, all it needed was the right chair that I could cuddle up on.


That’s how I found the Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair, with its classic styling, overstuffed cushion and elegant design. I knew right away that I’d found my reading nook companion the moment I first saw it.


The first look at the Best Selling Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair


The Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair is styled like a classic with its wide overstuffed cushions, luxuriously tufted backrest and soft brown authentic leather. The back is angled just enough to let you sit upright when you feel like and slouch back when you wish to unwind.


The slim arm tracks are a perfect complement to the wide stance of the cushion and provide enough room for you to rest your arms comfortably.


The 21 inch depth of the cushion from the front to the back gives you enough room to cuddle up with a pillow. But despite the lush filling, the cushion is firm enough and does not sink-in, allowing you to get up with ease.


While I am not a leather savant, I understand good quality leather when I see it. And while this may not make the Crate and Barrel catalog, it will come close. It’s been six months since I got it and the leather has worn in beautifully. I hope that it gets a natural patina with time.


Maintenance wise, I have not subject it to anything special, like oils or moisturizers. All that I do is wipe it down occasionally to remove dirt. It has retained its natural shine and held up well despite being placed near the windowsill.


Despite the legs being removable, they have fit in perfectly and do not wobble like flimsy furniture does. Also, they have not budged an inch since we have placed the chair where it currently sits.


Assembling the chair


The package was delivered via UPS but it was in mint condition. No dents or damage to the box anywhere. The chair was neatly packed and the legs were attached to a Velcro strap on the underside. All you need to do is remove the legs, screw it into the holes and you are all set.


Despite looking like a really bulky chair, the Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair is surprisingly light weight and can be moved around the house with ease, if you wish to do so.


What I liked about the chair


It would be fair to say that I am biased towards club chairs. I have so many beautiful memories attached to them in our old countryside home, that one look at this is all it took for me to decide. But turns out that it wasn’t a lopsided decision at all.


  • Classic Styling: There is something about leather club chairs that allows them to blend seamlessly into any room without seeming like an eyesore. This tufted Brown Leather Club Chair will fit right into your décor and you can experiment with the placement.
  • Wide and Puffed Cushion: I personally place comfort over the looks and this tufted brown leather club chair is as comfortable as it can be. The Wide seats and the puffed cushion make for a perfect reading chair.
  • Diamond Tufted Back: For the more aesthetically inclined, the diamond tufted backrest is stylish and attractive.
  • High Quality Leather: The leather quality is top notch. It has a natural wear to it and I am waiting for it to develop the patina that is so cherished by leather connoisseurs.
  • Espresso Stained Legs: The espresso stained legs match the color and the style of the chair perfectly.

Would I recommend this chair to others?

             Absolutely! Good reading chairs are a rarity these days and when it’s a leather club chair like this, it is a keeper. I have spent hours of long leisurely reads on this one and never felt the slightest discomfort. The excellent design also makes it a great choice for any home. All in all, I would completely recommend this chair to anyone looking for a lounge or a reading chair for their home.

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