Best Selling Tufted Fabric Club Chair review

Product Name:Tufted fabric club chair
Brand:Best Selling

Having lived in a large extended family for most of my childhood, I know the importance and the benefits of having an occasional get together where everyone can just let their hair down. Spending most of the week with emails, meetings and whatnot, it is usually reserved for the weekends. And ever since my brother has moved in close, he joins us with his kids and it’s usually a tad crazy.

But more people means that there has to be more seating space or else, one of us has to perch against the wall, which is uncomfortable and downright annoying to the rest of us.

Finally, last weekend, my wife and I, decided to tinker around with the placement of furniture to see if that would solve the problem. Sadly, it didn’t. Even grouping all the existing seating together didn’t improve things by much. So we did the next best thing, bought a compact but luxurious club chair as an accent piece.

This is a gorgeous looking tufted fabric club chair by ‘Best Selling’ and it has found itself a snug little corner that was largely unused. Problem solved and the room looks better than before.

Finding the right space for the Club chair

Our living room is not small sized but it is not oversized either and it took a fair bit of trial and error to finally find the correct positioning for everything. Being reasonably compact sized and reminiscent of the classic club chairs of yore, our obvious choice was to angle it to face the television along with the sofa.

The hand tufted back creates visual interest while the gray, being a neutral color fits right into our cottage-inspired décor.

It has these beautiful lines with squared out arms and a deep set back that lets you sit upright. But despite sitting for an hour and a half with my book, it didn’t cause the slightest discomfort. With some pillows thrown in, my elder son can easily slouch back and use it like a reading chair.

The cushion (foam filled) is a firm but comfortable one and the fabric is soft to touch (Cotton/Polyester blend) on the skin, which is a very important feature for us. The kids hate sitting on any kind of upholstery that’s rough or has a scratchy feel to it. Thankfully, they love the tufted fabric club chair as much as we do.

The four short but sturdy legs provide a firm footing on the ground and the chair has not budged an inch since we put it there, even though the kids can get a little physical during their playtime.

One of the things that I’d liked to have change is that the cushions cannot be flipped over and used since it has a Velcro strap on the underside.

Purchase and assembly

I ordered the chair on Amazon on Friday and had it delivered by Monday in a large box. The packaging was slightly damaged on one side but thankfully, the chair was not. It was neatly packed with the legs packed separately.

I had to align the legs with the appropriate slots on the underside of the chair and screw it on. Weighing just under 30 lbs., it’s fairly easy to move around the room too.

Using the chair

Even though I have just bought it recently, I can say that it is a perfectly priced chair that looks and feels so much better than some of the much higher priced ones that we saw at the stores in town. It has withstood three family gatherings and a few unexpected guests. Here’s what I felt about it.

It is comfortable: The back is not too high and the seat base is wide which allows even me to sit back comfortably (I am 6’2). The kids treat it like a lounge chair and I can usually find one of them cuddled up on it, book in hand.

It is attractive: The neutral color, the linen-like fabric and the button tufted back are just perfect for any décor. You can place it anywhere and it will fit right in.

It is portable: You can easily move this around the house until you find the apt place for it. It’s not very large sized dimensions-wise and it is light weight too at 30 lbs.

It is cost-effective: Oh yes! We browsed through several online catalogs and visited a few stores in town before narrowing down on this. It is cheaper than most of the ones we saw. And for the features, it is priced perfectly.

Grab one or two for your home

Additional seating or an accent piece to complement your coffee table, this is a versatile addition that will blend right in. You can even buy two of them and I bet they will look equally good if not better than one.

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