Homelegance 1193F1S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Khaki Brown review

Product Name:Homelegance 1193F1S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Khaki Brown
Brand:Home elegance

Designing a micro-apartment is always a challenge, but a fulfilling task nevertheless. To be able to make most of the space in a 226 square feet room while creating a mélange of form and function, that’s what makes our work so exciting.

When I and my partner were doing the apartment, one of the first things we did was to change the color scheme to white to create a feeling of openness. Large coffee tables were replaced with smaller stump side tables that were portable.

A large clunky sofa is a disaster in small spaces and so we decided to go for smaller bean bags. But to be honest, the place was lacking flair. What it needed was something that would address the lack of seating, while being mobile and soothing to the eye.

With requirements that are specific to the tee, it wasn’t easy narrowing down on one right away. But after a few hours of research, we were able to find the 1193F1S Flared Arm Accent Chair from Homelegence in Khaki Brown.

I am a fan of accent chairs and I love the personality that they add to a room. This Flared Arm Accent Chair from Homelegence, rates right among the best ones that you can consider.

The first look

The first thing that becomes a necessity in small spaces is a small footprint and this Homelegence 1192F1S Flared Arm Accent Chair is right at the cusp of compact and large. In other words, it’s neither too bulky nor too small to be dismissed as a small sized chair.

The design is classic accent chair with its beautiful flared curving keyhole arms that provide necessary elbow support and also enough room to keep a book when you are tired of holding it.

The Khaki Brown brushed solid linen offers enough visual appeal to be used as a contrast in the otherwise muted color palate. The fabric is soft to the touch and you can spend long hours on the chair without the slightest discomfort.

The backrest is firm and upright but provides enough lower back support. It features a diagonal button-tufted design that looks attractive and stylish.

The cushion contains high density fire-retardant foam which provides a comfortable but firm seating. So, if your idea of an ideal chair is the sink-in ones, then you may be disappointed with this. At just about 18” high from the ground, the cushion is also at the perfect height to allow you to get up in a jiffy.

The solid hardwood frame gives it the much desired stability and the chair will not feel wobbly or flimsy even to a heavyset person.

Assembly and Delivery

The delivery was fast as always from Amazon and we got the chair on the third day, neatly packed without any scratches or dents. For a moment, we were petrified that they had forgotten to pack the legs. But a quick lookie revealed that they were velcroed on the underside of the chair.

Assembly is as simple as it gets. Just line up the legs to the correct holes and screw them in. Should not take more than 10 minutes at best.

The Features that I loved about it

Having designed over 200 micro apartments, we know how vital it is to find an upholstered piece that is stylish, comfortable and functional. The 1193F1S fits the bill perfectly. Here are some of the features that I liked about it.

Classic Styling: With beautiful sculpted lines and classic accent chair styling, the Homelegence 1193F1S adds the much needed color and texture to the room.

Comfortable: The cushion, the backrest and the curving keyhole armrests provide a comfortable seating place that can double up as a corner reading nook or a side chair for the bedroom.

Compact: It does not have a large footprint allowing you to place it just about anywhere in the house. And its lightweight too. So moving it around should not be a problem.

Easy assembly: I absolutely hate tinkering with tools to assemble simple furniture pieces. Thankfully, this one can be assembled by even a novice with little experience.

Durable: It has a nice and solid feel to it thanks to the hardwood frame beneath the cushion. I feel that it should hold up pretty well for long. But it’s too early to say that to be honest.

Low Maintenance: Unless you have servants in the wings, you should opt for furniture pieces that are low on maintenance. The Homelegence 1193FS with its Brown Khaki Linen Fabric will not require frequent tending to. It has a zippered cushion cover that can be removed and washed.

Who should consider buying this?

The Homelegance 1193F1S Flared Arm Accent Chair is perfect for homes of all sizes. It is beautifully designed, compact sized and comfortable. Pretty much covers all the bases one would look for in a portable seating solution.Check latest Amazon price


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