Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Vintage Print Review

Product Name:Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Vintage Print
Color:Vintage print
Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair, Vintage Print Review

I am not much of a stickler for immaculately done furniture in my house. I mean, I do love a room well done. But I also like to conserve some square footage that my little girl can use to play. Having said that, ever since I set up my new business, I have been meeting a lot of people at home and the leftover dining chairs that came with the apartment are not something that I’d personally want to sit on, if I ever were to visit someone.


So, when it crossed the threshold for tolerance and went from an eyesore to a nightmare, I decided that it was time to go shopping.


After much deliberation and skimming through a thousand different products, I zeroed down on accent chairs. I love accent chairs for the functionality that they bring into a room. Goes without saying that they are a great way to add some extra seating. But, if handpicked according to the decor, they can infuse a new silhouette into the room.


So, when I finally got the Homelegance 1193F2S Flared Arm Accent Chair with Vintage Print, it blended perfectly with my old Ikea couch and created the perfect space.



The first look at the Homelegance Flared Arm Accent Chair


The Homelegence 1193F2S is a classic armchair with beautiful upholstery and enough room to cozy up on with a book in hand. I wouldn’t call the seats deep, but they are really comfortable to sit on and I could curl up without a problem (I am 5’3).


The seats have just enough contouring to support your back without causing niggles or making you shift positions frequently. The flared arm allows enough room to rest your forearms and a book or two without having to worry that it will fall over.


What really enhances the comfort is the linen fabric which is soft to touch and does not have the typical scratchy discomfort that one associates with cheap upholstery on furniture bought off bargain stores.


The off-white and grey combination is subtle, but just sparks enough visual interest to grab your attention. The muted colors are also low maintenance because they tend to conceal any dirt. So, less time spent cleaning them up, which is a very important factor for me.


It is approximately 33” from the ground up, which is the perfect height for my living room and allows the guests to be at eye level even from across the room, where the Ikea couch is.


Assembling the chair


The Homelegance 1193F2S came neatly packed in a large box and I had no problems unboxing it. It took a while for me to figure out that the legs were attached to a Velcro patch on the bottom of the chair.


But assembly is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is detach the legs and insert them into the premade holes. Ensure that you are inserting the correct ones in the matching holes though. The slightly curved legs will go in the back.


I was done assembling it in less than five minutes.


What I liked about the chairs


Having worked in a furniture outlet before, I know the amount of low quality materials that are repackaged and sold. For this reason, I am wary of buying furniture online because you never know what’s beneath that shiny exterior. However, the Homelegance 1193FS, is a pleasant surprise.


  • Solid Hardwood Frame: It has a solid hardwood frame construction that ensures durability. It also makes it extremely sturdy. Ever sat on a flimsy chair and felt like it would giveaway? Not this one. It is firm and it does not feel wobbly.
  • Beautiful Fabric: Drawing inspiration from vintage elements, the linen fabric with the script blends just perfectly into almost any living room. You can mix it with contemporary furniture to create contrast or place it strategically in the room to create an interesting focal point.
  • Comfortable Seats: What good is a chair if it feels like you are sitting on a rock? The Homelegence flared arm chair has soft and comfortable seats that can easily qualify as a lounge chair.
  • Easy assembly: Almost anyone can assemble this in minutes. It’s as simple as it can get.
  • Great Pricing: This armchair is priced perfectly. Nobody likes to spend thousands of dollars and get handmade furniture that you cannot even carry with you, without the risk of damaging it if you have to move houses.
  • Versatile: You can use it in the living room or even in the bedroom as a reading chair. The compact form factor allows you to move it around with ease.

Should I buy the Homelegence 1193F2S?

 If you are looking to add an interesting and functional piece of furniture to your home, then the Homelegence 1193F2S should be a wonderful choice. It is made to last, is comfortable and stylish. And most importantly, will not make a dent in your wallet. Go for it.

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