LexMod Empress Upholstered Armchair in Gray review

Product Name:LexMod Empress Upholstered Armchair in Gray

‘How difficult will it be’? My husband asked me about redoing our home office.

Somehow, spending a large part of the day in a place that was as bland as a saltless diet wasn’t going down too well with either of us.

So, bitten by the DIY bug and smitten by a few design ideas that we’d seen in Elle décor, we set out to redo the space all by ourselves. The clunky metal filing cabinet was the first one to go. So did the unwanted clocks and the old bookshelf.

We started off with the color scheme and decided to go with a mix of pastels to keep it muted. The lighting was accounted for with some drapes which would diffuse the extra glare. A rug came in. So did a floaty book shelf, a desk and a lamp. All we needed were a couple of arm chairs.

A quick search on Amazon bought us to the Lexmod Empress Upholstered Armchair in Gray and we knew right away that we’d found what we were looking for.

The Empress Upholstered Armchair with its neutral color is perfect for our office space and it has very clean lines which render an architectural touch to the room.

Extra seating with just the right features

While we were willing to tradeoff the aesthetics for the functionality, we knew that we had found the perfect combination of chic styling and complete comfort when we unboxed the Lexmod Empress Armchair.

It has a very modern and contemporary styling that complements the clean and practical design that we wanted for the home office. The tufted back with the squared off armrests allow a perfect upright sitting position, which is further complimented by the seat, which is just wide enough to provide enough leg room.

No slouching allowed in our workspace.

The cushions are soft but not mushy. That’s just the way I wanted it to be. They are not firm or uncomfortable like some new furniture pieces tend to be.

I am not sure about the frame being all-wood. But it feels sturdy. Not flimsy by a long shot. That’s what matters to me. I am not picky about materials as long as it serves the purpose.

They are surprisingly light weight too and the legs have glides which make them easier to move, without having to worry about scratching the wooden floor. So, at times, we just push it to the living, throw a pillow and kick back with a martini. (My husband makes a nasty one)

While we were not particularly keen on a tufted backrest design, now that it’s here, we are delighted we didn’t choose anything else over it. It definitely adds some visual contrast to the otherwise minimalist décor.

The order and assembly

We did some comparison shopping for the Lexmod Empress Upholstered Armchair and found the best price on Amazon, which was at least $100 cheaper than other stores.

Shipping was a pleasant surprise and it came in less than 2 days. We were delighted because we were not expecting it for the next week at least.

The legs are shipped separately and they need to be assembled, although it’s pretty straightforward. The armchairs being light weight is such an added benefit and it really makes assembly a lot simpler.

Why this is a perfect fit for our office

Despite seeming like a cakewalk, choosing an accent chair for the office is so much more difficult than what it seems like. There are so many factors to be accounted for, functionality being the foremost. Then there is proportion. We wanted a chair that would blend right in rather than standing out like a sore thumb. Not to forget that it has to be comfortable and good looking too.

The Lexmod Empress Upholstered Armchair ticks off all these parameters. That’s what makes it the perfect choice for our office space.

  1. Functionality: The chairs are versatile. You can use them and position them in so many different ways. They provide the perfect additional seating that you’d want in a workspace
  2. Proportion: Despite looking like they are really big, the chairs are actually very compact. They have a small footprint and they do not make the place feel cramped.
  3. Comfort: The tufted backrest, wide armrests and the plush seats make it an extremely comfortable choice. You can choose to sit upright or even snuggle up with a book. The soft linen fabric is another reason why it is so comfortable.
  4. Aesthetics: The modern design is just perfect for both office spaces as well as living rooms. It is contemporary which makes it a versatile choice.

Would I recommend this LexMod Empress Upholstered Armchair in Gray?

I would definitely recommend this chair to everyone. It is a complete value for money proposition and worthy of every dollar that you spend on it.

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