Madison Park Maxwell Chair – Blue

Product Name:Madison Park Maxwell Chair – Blue
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When my daughter moved into her new apartment with her partner last year, they opted for a very barebones décor scheme. Oh, talk about the minimalistic craze that seems to have attained absurd proportions of late. There wasn’t a decent place to sit on. And how I hate those modern bean bag thingies.

So, when she got married 6 months ago, I decided to knock a little sense of design into her home and gift her one of my favorite furniture pieces, a wingback chair.

I have been a librarian for 35 years of my life and the wingback holds a special place in my heart. But despite being a 17th century design, I am delighted to spot it frequently in latest additions of the architectural digest, being used in modernist designs in the living room, the study and even the bedroom.

Just to let you know that I am not an old fart, I shop my stuff online. Everything except my tooth canal comes from an online store. And I found a chair of my liking in the Madison Park Maxwell Blue Wingback Chair on Amazon.

Retaining the wingback’s vintage stereotypes and combining it with contemporary elements, the Madison Park Maxwell Chair was a perfect addition to the minimalist décor scheme in her home.

The Features of this wingback

For me, wingback chairs have always been about plush leather cushions that develops a distinctive patina with age. But considering that the idea was to create some visual appeal, this Madison Park Maxwell chair with its pool blue fabric upholstery seemed like an apt choice.

The design is quintessentially laid back but with enough twists to keep it interesting. For example, the sloped arms are squared off, which makes it look stylish, in all fairness. She will definitely not feel that it’s an old grandfather chair in her living room.

The backrest has a button tufted detailing and provides ample back support, allowing you to sit up right without straining your back. The cushioning seems a little stiff out of the box. But that should loosen up with time.

The seats are strapped to the frame using Velcro straps so that they stay in place and don’t slide even if you are slouching on the chair.

If you sit upright, it the backrest will approximately come up to the nape of your neck. However, people who prefer curling up in the chair will get the head support they desire. It looks narrow and small in the picture but is actually bigger in size. So if you are crunched for space, then I’d recommend that you take a good look at the dimensions before ordering.

The framework is made of Hardwood, Plywood & Rubberwood. I am not sure what is used where in the frame. But that’s what Amazon says about it. It feels very solidly built. I hope it holds up.

Unpacking the box

The box was shipped via UPS and left at the porch. The three of us, me, my daughter and her partner were able to unpack and get it assembled in less than five minutes. And even though she had plans to move it to the bedroom as a reading chair, once it was placed in the living room, she instantly took a liking to it and I cannot help be glad.

What sets it apart from other chairs

The Madison Park Maxwell Chair is a versatile addition to your home because it will fit right into any room. Use it at the end of the dining table, use it at the coffee table, utilize the space near the base of the foyer and you can even buy it in pairs.

Classic Design with contemporary styling: While it is a wingback at heart, it is styled to fit into modern homes with squared off armrests and a pool blue fabric.

Button Tufted Backrest: The button tufted backrest detailing adds some visual interest to an otherwise ordinary design.

Plush Cushions: The seating is plush and comfortable and will easily allow you to spend your leisure time comfortably.

Easy Assembly: From the box to ready-to-use in five minutes flat, I think that’s absolutely amazing.

Movable: The lightweight frame allows you to move the chair easily around the house. So, if you are someone who likes movable furniture and to change the positioning of things, this can be taken just about anywhere with ease.

Pricing: Considering the features and the style, it is priced just right and it doesn’t feel like you have overspent.

Should I buy it for my home?

If you are a fan of accent pieces and love the vintage styling of a wing chair, then this Madison Park Maxwell Chair will be a welcome addition to your home. It is versatile, attractive and durable. Cannot ask for more.

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