Marion Quilted Ivory Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair Review

Product Name:Marion Quilted Ivory Leather Tub/Barrel Design Chair w/ Chrome Nailhead Accents
Brand:Great Deal Furniture

When I finally got my bachelor’s pad done, it looked way better than what I’d imagined at the outset. The use of color was not monotonous. There were hints of metallic with the occasional neutral like Taupe. And the use of mirrors to make the place seem bigger than it was, was an amazing idea suggested by a friend of mine, who also happens to be a designer.

Since I don’t entertain much at home, my idea of a man cave was a place to unwind after a typical day at work, which is, well, like work is supposed to be.

And the one thing that seemed lacking was a cozy little chair that I could line up in front of the window, put my feet up and enjoy my whiskey. Maybe even light up an Arturo Fuente.

My initial choice was a club chair with a high backrest that would give me neck support. But that would have been too formal for my room. So I decided to go with a barrel chair and picked up this extremely stylish Marion Quilted Ivory Leather Barrel Chair from Amazon.

It has the timeless design that I absolutely love and nail head accents to replicate the old fashioned nail barrel look.

Blends right in with my room

My living room is mostly white and black and this Marion Quilted Ivory leather chair blends right in. It retains the sophistication of a barrel leather chair but looks casual enough to fit in with modern décor themes.

The upholstery with the fine ivory bonded leather and the quilted pattern adds the much needed texture to an otherwise bland portion of the room.

One of the inherent benefits of this Marion Quilted Ivory leather Tub chair is that it provides excellent back support. The cushion may seem a bit firm at first. But once it wears down with time, you can really rest your back comfortably.

Also, it is a lot lighter than it actually looks. So you can push it around the room easily if you want to.

The standout feature though is the nail head accents. I first got a glimpse of a barrel chair in a pub in NYC and it was constructed with wood restored from an authentic nail barrel. The nail accents on this Marion Quilted Ivory leather tub chair look so similar to it.

The leather is comfortable to sit and has not started to show signs of wear yet. But I suppose it will with time. Being an off-white color, I do have to ensure that it remains clean because dirt shows very easily on it. I am not sure though whether it is authentic leather. I intend to speak to the seller to know about it because I am finicky about caring for leather.

The legs need to be screwed in to the chair but they provide firm support on the hardwood floor. Also, no noise when you sit on the chair which is a big plus.

Does the chair need to be assembled?

I wouldn’t call attaching the legs assembly. It comes ready to use and all you need to do is attach the legs in pre-drilled slots. It’s a no-brainer and you should be done in minutes. Ensure that you check the box for any signs of damage though. The box in which the chair was delivered was slightly damaged. I thought I’d have to return it. But everything was fine inside. No scratches or damage.

What are the features that I liked about this chair?

Let’s say I am slightly biased towards barrel chairs. But I really liked the retro inspired styling with the quilted patterns and of course, the nail heads. Other than that, here’s what comes to the mind at this moment.

  • Solid Construction: It is very well made chair that has a solid feel to it. You will never, for a minute feel that you have bought something that’s made of cheap quality materials. I am not sure what the frame is made of. But it seems very strong.
  • Superb Design: Like I said before, this is a barrel chair at its elegant best. Take it into any room and it will stand out on its own.
  • Plush cushion with back support: It perfectly serves the purpose that I bought it for. I love to sit back and enjoy a drink. It does not strain my back.
  • Light Weight: The last thing you need is bulky furniture that refuses to move without ten hands behind it. This is incredibly light weight and you can push it to any part of the room with ease.

Would I consider buying this again?

 I am already buying the black one for my bedroom. Just because I absolutely love the design of the chair. I recommend this chair to ANYONE who wants to upgrade their pad and impress people.

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