Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair RED review

Product Name:Mid Century Modern Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair RED
Brand:Divano Roma Furniture

It’s just been a month since I bought a Flared Arm Accent Chair for my living room and I loved the flair and personality it added to the room. After pondering over it for a month, I decided to add a second one to it. Two accent chairs put right across from the sofa.


Then the conundrum began. Should I buy the same chair or can I mix and match and opt for a different one?


Just to give you some heads up, my first chair is a classic club chair with a denim blue linen fabric and it has the elegant curved arms that make it so comfortable to snuggle up on. I don’t have a décor theme that needs to be adhered to. So I was open to options and then after much deliberation, I decided to opt for a different chair with the same dimensions though, so that one wouldn’t stand out and dominate the other.


Since I had a blue chair already, I thought why not make it colorful and that’s how I landed up getting the Mid Century Modern Accent Chair in red.


The Mid Century design with modern overtones


Unlike the classic club chairs of yore, which have an air of sophistication around them, this Mid Century inspired Modern Accent Chair is casual and cool. The bright red linen fabric is a perfect accent color that goes with my otherwise neutral color theme.


The design itself is vintage. Something that’d be placed in a seating group from the 60s.


The chair has large and spacious cushions (which are a bit stiff for my liking) with enough space to cuddle up. But since the backrest is upright, it gives optimum support to the back even when you sit straight.


The arm racks are not too slim which makes it difficult to sit comfortably according to me. They have enough room for me to keep my bowl of popcorn. That works.


The legs need to be attached to the chair, just like the earlier chair I had bought. They are not too big and hence, the height of the cushion from the ground is just perfect. Since both the chairs have almost the same dimensions, curves and proportions, they look beautiful together.


The different styles are a bit eclectic but that’s just how I am and it’s a perfect way to express my personality. When I need to get away in my study, I just push the mid-century modern accent chair all the way and it fits just perfectly. It is very light weight too.


I plan to add some geometric pillows to it to complete the look.


Assembling my Mid Century Modern Accent chair

Since I’d already ordered one accent chair from Amazon, I thought I’d assemble this one too in five minutes. But I was wrong. The back legs just wouldn’t fit and I tinkered around with it for quite some time. For a moment, I thought I might have to make some modifications. But thankfully, good sense prevailed and I messaged the seller who suggested that I try switching the legs and try once again.

Guess what? It worked. I was trying to install the wrong leg in the wrong slot.

Other than that, assembly is pretty simple. You do not need to make any modifications to it. All you need to do is line up the legs with the correct slots.


What I like about this chair

 Even though I was planning to mix and match things, it took me a fair amount of time to decide on what kind of chair to buy to go along with my club chair and my scroll arm tufted soda. And I just love my choice.


  • Bright Red Fabric: A lot of people asked me to be careful while mixing up colors for the risk of the place looking too cramped. But the bright red fabric of the Mid Century Modern Accent chair blends perfectly with my blue club chair and my sofa. The rest of the room is in neutral colors. So it doesn’t feel overwhelming.
  • Durable: You can almost feel it when you sit on it that this is going to last. It has a nice solid underframe and is not one bit wobbly. The cushions are plush and the backrest is firm.
  • Portable: Accent chairs are usually sought after for the personality that they can infuse into a room. But they are so functional. They bring in that extra bit of seating and they can be used anywhere in the house. My mid-century modern accent chair even doubles up as my laptop chair now.
  • Quick Assembly: If there is one thing that I hate about custom furniture, it is the time that is consumed in the making. This accent chair can be installed in less than five to ten minutes. That’s how furniture should be in these modern times.

Who should consider buying this chair?

If you are looking to add a second accent piece to your room or even looking to buy a bright colored pair of chairs, look no further. This is the one you need.


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