Mid Century Modern Tufted Button Living Room Accent Chair (Blue) review

Product Name:Mid Century Modern Tufted Button Living Room Accent Chair (Blue)
Brand:Casa Andre MilanoTM

“Are you sure?” asked my sister when I said I wanted to buy some new furniture for the front room.  Not going to lie, it feels horrible when someone you trust has problems dealing with your taste in furniture. I was 100% sure I wanted to upgrade my living room. However, my sister had other ideas. She didn’t believe I had what it took to upgrade my front room and make it better than it was.

Just a little backstory for you guys and gals. I had my parents decorate my home when I first moved in here because they thought I was “incapable” of making the right choices for myself. I scoffed thinking they were just playing around but indeed they were telling the truth. As a teenager, I was always indecisive about things and couldn’t choose anything if my life depended on it. Then again, I was a fat kid with no ambitions so in retrospect, it was a fair viewpoint from my parents.

I decided to let them decorate my house and I liked it. It looked sophisticated, professional and was perfect for my freelance life. You see, I’m a freelance web designer by trade. For those of you who don’t know, that means I have to sit at home in my homemade office creating websites for people.

It’s not as awesome as it sounds but I had to make sure my home accommodated my freelance lifestyle.

This meant I had to buy comfortable armchairs which was designed for me to be productive on. It also meant I had to make sure the room looked symmetrical and had the right color scheme in order to persuade myself that it was a home office.

If I created websites in my bed on the laptop, I would be poor. I was, and still am, the type of guy who gets motivated by routines and professional lifestyles and if I stayed in bed created sites, I’d be much lazier.

Purchasing the armchair

The day it came to buying the new armchair, I told my sister I’ll be upgrading my front room i.e. my workplace. She looked quizzically thinking I was off my rockers. I had poor taste in design and I needed help.

My sister decided to do the right thing and help me choose the right armchair. I needed something that was right for the workplace but was also fashionable. She found this armchair and I was instantly hooked. It looks incredible. The light blue texture on the chair makes the chair come alive and just by looking at it, you can tell for sure, it is extremely comfortable.

There were a couple of things about this armchair that made it stand out. For one, it has an extremely wide frame with detachable legs. Not many armchairs have both of this features together. The material was also of very high quality linen which is handpicked.

This armchair comes in 2 colors. Blue and yellow.  Both have exquisite color schemes to them and the bright colors alone make this armchair very protruding.  This armchair is very sophisticated and matched my web design freelance workplace. It was extremely comfortable meaning I can work for hours without any aches or pains. I can also put this armchair in different places in my house and it will look perfect.

All in all, this armchair is worth the purchase. Whether you want to add this chair to your home office, living room or even bedroom, it will make the perfect match.

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