Mid Century Modern Tufted Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair PURPLE Review

Product Name:Mid Century Modern Tufted Linen Fabric Living Room Accent Chair Purple
Brand:Divano Roma Furniture

Murphy’s Law states that whatever can happen will happen. But it never tells you that what happens is usually the complete opposite of what you’d originally imagined.  When we set off on our dream of buying and restoring a fixer-upper in an idyllic setting, I had no clue what I was getting into.

We thought we had it covered and we knew it all. But before we knew, we were neck deep into renovations and changing one thing after the other, even when prudence told us to stop.

I’ll leave the backstory for another day and come straight to the point which prompted me to write this article.

The largish living room took most of our work and my wife and me are at two extremes of the decision making process. She’s usually the saner one and I, well, I prefer to keep things eclectic. So, after finally coming to agreement over everything else, we got stuck at deciding what kind of accent chairs to buy.

Considering that we had restored and not redone most of the furniture pieces, we thought it would be good to go with the theme and buy a classic club chair. But instead, we ended up with two Mid Century Modern Living room accent chairs. Murphy’s Law, remember?

Mid Century meets modernist

The accent chairs have a mid-century design with a low backrest, wide seat base and reasonably wide track arms and look straight out of ‘I love Lucy’. It is so inspired by the 60’s but still has enough style and panache to blend in easily to a completely modern décor theme or even into a retro inspired one.

It is just perfect to kick back on a lazy day and curl up with a book. But also allows me to sit upright when I am hosting my guests occasionally.

The large boxy cushion seat is comfortable and curves upwards into the sleek flaring track arms creating an illusion of continuity and allowing you to relax with your posture. Exceptional aesthetics combined with comfort is not something that we find every day. This midcentury living room accent chair is a perfect combination of both.

The lack of tufting may seem like a downer, but it makes the chair a lot easier to maintain than having to clean each tuft with hand. The stiletto like wooden legs create the perfect balance for the chair on the floor and create a sense of grounding which is often lacking in shorter chairs made of plastic.

For people who are used to flipping the cushion over, you cannot do it with this one since it has black backing. There is a zipper on the back of the cushion which can be removed to clean. There were no cleaning instructions included in the pack and I have contacted the seller to know more about it.

Minimal assembly

One of the features that I really liked about the chairs is that they were delivered within two days from Amazon and we could assemble them in less than five minutes. The packaging was neat and secure. None of the contents were damaged or scratched. The legs were attached with Velcro separately and we had to screw it in the appropriate holes.

All in all, it’s extremely easy to set up. The shipping weight of the package is around 50 lbs. But I think the actual chair weighs much lesser and if you want to move it to the bedroom or the study, you can easily do yourself.

Why it’s a great buy

I am not a fan of buying furniture online ever since I ended up with a miserable excuse for an ottoman a year ago. Flimsier than a roof of straw, I am glad I could get rid of it in a garage sale soon after. But I don’t regret buying these chairs at all. And here’s my reasons for it.

Just the right design: They are the perfect design that I wanted for my living room. They are retro inspired, just like my wife wanted it. But they have clean lines and a modern profile that makes them a versatile choice. I took a lookie around town before ordering it and I couldn’t find anything that even came close.

Attractive: It has received tons of compliments from our friends and guests in a short span of time. It is one of the most attractive looking accent chairs that I have ever seen.

Durable: Even though I have just owned it for a short time period, it looks and feels sturdy. I am sure it will hold up well and I will post an update about it here.

Fast Packing and Easy assembly: Plus one for the superb shipping from Amazon and the easy assembly of the chairs. We were up and running in less than five minutes which is amazing.

Variety of bright colors: The chairs are available in a variety of bright colors including Purple, Blue, Yellow and red. Choose one that best fits your décor.

Great price: I hate spending a bomb on furniture. If you are like me, you are going to love the pricing on these chairs.

So, that’s about it. I hope you liked our choice and we completely recommend it to anyone looking to get a beautiful and functional accent piece home.

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