NEW Paris Orthopedic Arm Chair Winged High Back Chair – 19″ or 21″ Seat Height review (UK)

Product Name:NEW Paris Orthopedic Arm Chair Winged High Back Chair - 19" or 21" Seat Height

In this story fueled review, I will be talking about the NEW Paris Orthopedic Arm Chair Winged High Back Chair. This is an armchair which has practically saved my family and I from years of discomfort and awful posture.

Read ahead.

I come from a family of extremely tall people. My little brother is the shortest at 6”2 whilst the tallest family member is my father who is 6”11. I’m sitting right in the middle at 6”6. Considering that we’re a family of tall people, we always complain about back aches. Not a day goes by where I don’t see my dad press his hands against his back while making some weird constipated face.

It’s genetics really.

Our house isn’t really designed with tall people in mind. The door frames are low so we all have to crouch down to get under it. The sinks are far too low which causes discomfort bending down to wash my hands and face. The beds are even too small for us. I have to leave my feet dangling on the edge because I’m too big for it. That is, unless I go into fetal position.

However, there’s one thing that is 100% suitable for us tall people in the household. That is the NEW Paris Orthopedic Arm Chair Winged High Back Chair. At least my dad got something right for once.

The chair wasn’t chosen by my dad because it was made for tall people in mind. He bought it because he liked the look of it, and who could blame him? It looks amazing and regal. I feel like King of Westeros sitting in it. (Game of throne reference for those of you who don’t watch it)

You know that moment you get a blocked nose and you look back to the times where you took your breathing for granted? Well that’s exactly what happened with me and the chair. The chair was a life saver. It saved me from a life of bad posture and constant back pains.

In this guide, I’ll show you all the reason why this chair is a masterpiece which deserves its place in your fine home.

This type of armchair is commonly used by the elderly to help ease their back pain and make sitting down more comfortable.

I’m nowhere near the elderly stage of the lifecycle…yet. However, this armchair is perfect for the taller demographic.

The armchair was designed with comfort in mind. In fact, that was the main priority. Because of the high seat structure, the chair offers excellent head support, neck and lumbar support which is the main components of comfort for us at home.

The back cushions also made it incredibly satisfying to sit down on and meant I could stay in the same position on the armchair for hours without any discomfort or pain. The armchair comes in 2 different colors which are beige and pomegranate. My dad bought us the beige one just because it matched the color scheme in our household.

What makes this chair even more awesome is that it comes in 2 different seat sizes. These are 19” and 21”. We have the 21” just because it’s larger and fits more comfortably for us.

Unlike other armchair where you have to buy the armchair covers separately, this one comes with its own one.

I honestly believe this would be a perfect addition to any home, especially in the coming winter.  Put this next to the fireplace and I guarantee you wouldn’t want to get up for hours.

All in all, I believe this armchair is amazing and is quite cheap in price compared to other cheap armchairs. If you’re looking for a regal armchair with 100% comfort, the  NEW Paris Orthopedic Arm Chair Winged High Back Chair will do you proud.

It even comes with free shipping.

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