Polished Microfiber Recliner Loveseat with Nailhead Accent in Chocolate Brown Review

Product Name:Polished Microfiber Recliner Loveseat with Nailhead Accent in Chocolate Brown
Color:Chocolate brown

I thought that buying a recliner would be a fairly easy task. But boy oh boy, was I gravely mistaken.

I found out the hard way that there are more things to consider than buying a house itself. There’s the material, the fit, the features, the budget and factors like who’s going to be using it the most, the space in the room, selecting one from the traditional, the wall saver and the rocker. Whew!

And to top it off, there are thousands of brands to choose from. Whoever thought there’d be more people selling recliner chairs than hamburgers on the streets of New York. Ok that was a bad example.

But, it would be an understatement to call the task daunting. After digging through tons of data and comparing at least a 100 different models, I finally managed to narrow down on the Polished Microfiber Recliner Loveseat with Nailhead Accent.

This is a very stylish looking recliner chair with a plush oversized cushion and a bundle of other impressive features. I weighed it against all the features that I mentioned above and this is what I found and liked.

The Material: This recliner loveseat with nail head accent from Comfortscape is made of resistant fiber material which offers a very comfortable seating. The frame is a combination of wood and metal. It’s not entirely made of hardwood like some of the higher priced models. The density rating of the foam was not mentioned on the package. But I have written to the seller enquiring about it.

The Aesthetics: I would have chosen a leather recliner seat but for the price. This may not be leather but the soft premium fabric in chocolate brown is elegant and classy. To top it off, the metal nail head trim gives it a Mafioso feel. It fits right into the décor theme in my study.

The Fit: The recliner is not the largest sized one that you can buy. But it’s just the right size for me. Even after I sit comfortably with my legs stretched out, there’s room to spare on the seat. And when the back is upright, my legs don’t touch the floor. I am 5’7 by the way. So, it is perfectly sized even for a taller person.

The Features: My primary reason for buying a recliner chair was the added back support. After sitting in front of a computer for almost 12 hours a day, I can almost hear my back creaking. A lot of people warned me about ordering a recliner chair without actually sitting on it and trying it out. But thanks to the 7 hours or so that I spent researching about it, I knew straightaway that this would be a perfect choice. And I wasn’t mistaken at all. It’s not a bells and whistles recliner sofa. But it’s not a barebones model either. It has a reclining motion mechanism and it’s just perfect for a mid-day snooze or to enjoy a late night drink.

The Price: After checking out some leather recliner chairs that were all priced above $800, the $497 pricing on this seemed like a respite. I was looking out for something that’s priced under $500 anyway. So, this was one of the best choices that I could find.

The Construction: A good quality lounger should easily be able to last for 6-7 years at least. And a lot of flimsy models are being sold under the pretext of being ‘all-wood-construction’, which in reality may even be pressboard. So, the wood and metal construction, according to me was a better choice at this price point.

The Comfort: In the end, it all boils down to the comfort, doesn’t it? What good is a recliner chair if you cannot enjoy a good snooze on it without breaking a sweat or without the footboard creaking on you? The recliner loveseat with nail head accent from Comfortscape features a premium fabric upholstery that is soft to the touch. It has a matte finish and you won’t wake up all sweaty and stuck to the seat. The oversized cushion and the padded arms are pure luxury. All it takes is a minute or two for you to go beddy-byes. The pocket coil system ensures that the back support responds quickly to movement without the whole thing moving.

Overall: After getting the recliner loveseat with nail head accent from Comfortscape, I did some quick scoping under the chair to see if there were any dinky screws. Thankfully, all I could see were the heavy duty types. There were no squeaky sounds either, which may indicate cheap quality construction or loose parts.

Would I recommend this to anyone?

Absolutely! This is a perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort. The plush padded seats and armrests relaxes the whole body while the reclining mechanism is enough to let you unwind after a tiring day. Under $500, you cannot ask for more. Go for it.

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