Sorento leather swivel recliner armchair with foot stool (Cream) review UK


OK, I’m a little too over excited now. I was waiting the whole week to post a review about the Sorento leather swivel recliner armchair with foot stool  as it is definitely my favorite hands down. This armchair has travelled with me throughout my young adult life. It has been with me from the moment I bought my first home in 2014 all the way to now and guess what! It still looks brand new.

When I first bought this, I bought it just based on the fact that it looked modern, sleek and beautiful. I didn’t care too much about any other quality. When it arrives via Amazon, I was like a child at Christmas. I ripped open the packaging and took out the chair. Most of it was already pre-assembled but I needed to add the last few components it to make it 100% useable. This literally took me less than 5 minute, honestly. There wasn’t any technical aspect to it other than put the leg in.

Once everything was set up, I sat on the armchair and rested my feet on the foot stool and I kid you not, I sank in and fell asleep. It was that comfortable. 6 hours went by until I woke up and I didn’t want to get up. The chair is comfortable and warm.  Imagine having to get up for work on a cold day when you’re tucked inside your warm bed. The feelings were that strong.

There was so many things right about this chair. It was faultless. Family and friends alike complimented me on the style and modern features of the armchair.

I’ve compiled a list of reason why I believe this armchair is a worthy member of your home.

Why this armchair deserves to be added to your home

The first reason why this chair is amazing is because it is unbelievably comfortable. It has a soft padded feature to it which provides the whole body with comfort. This means your lumbar is very relaxed when sitting on this armchair. It causes no discomfort or pain at all and is remarkably well designed which allows for better posture.

Secondly, this armchair has a very luxurious real leather material which is bond grade. This gives off a modern sleek feel to the armchair making it a perfect addition to any household which wants to look modern. The cream color also gives off a rich flavor and can bring any room to life regardless of the color scheme.  This armchair goes with most living room designs so if you have a home with beige, cream, white, or blue paint/wallpaper, this armchair would look perfect in it.

This armchair has even gone to the extent of meeting the UK safety regulations as it is a really popular armchair in the domestic market. This means the armchair is fully fire retardant which is a nice little feature.

Most armchairs nowadays don’t include many extra features but More4Homes has provided customers with a free footstool which comes with the armchair. That is really amazing. It looks perfect and matches the armchair. I’ll let you in on a warning though. You MAY fall asleep sitting down on this if on it for prolonged periods of time. Well that was my experience anyway.

The wood on the armchair proves to be a popular choice amongst consumers who rate the star wood base design a perfect 10/10. The color of the wood on the armchair contrasts with the leather to add the final touch to this masterpiece.

For those of you curious about the shipping weight, it is 22kg which is OK in terms of handling. It’s not too heavy but also not too light. However, it looks amazing once finalised and placed in the living room or dining room. I highly recommend anyone who wants to impress family and friends to get this armchair.

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