Top 3 ways to reduce back pain

Did you know that in the United States, lower back pain is the most common pain that most Americans go through. According to Mayo Clinic, most people tend to have lower back pain at least once in their life. The most common group of people who suffer from back pain are those who work a 9-5 sitting on computers and also highly trained athletes.

How many hours do you sit every day? Think about it.

If you’re like most people, your normal day would consist of sitting down in the morning to eat your breakfast for 30 minutes, sitting down to drive or go on public transport for 1 hour, sitting at the office for 7 hours, drive back home for another 1 hour , and then to end it all you sit down and unwind by watching TV for another 2 hours. All in all, you probably sit down for almost 12 hours a day!  That’s a lot of damage your lower back is taking.

We, as humans, are not meant to be sitting down a lot. We were not designed to sit down all day. Thousands of years ago, we had to survive and that meant go out hunting and travelling. The 21st century poses no threats since we are not prey and we can get food from the local supermarket.

From all of this information, how can you reduce lower back pain? Well, there are many ways to reduce lower back pain and in this short little guide, you will learn 3 simple tricks to reduce pain.

Top 3 ways to reduce back pain

#1: Buy the right armchair

Be honest with yourself. Is your armchair doing more bad than good? People don’t realise that their old armchair is causing more back pain because their posture is being affected negatively. There are a lot of armchairs nowadays that are not ergonomic. That means that they are not intended to cause much comfort for someone.

In order to avoid this, you will need to purchase the right armchair. If you’re looking for cheap armchairs that helps support your back, then you need to read my reviews because all the chairs reviewed on this site were chosen because of how awesome they are for you and your body!


#2: Back stretches

When was the last time you stretched? I don’t mean that really enjoyable stretch you do when you first wake up. I’m talking about back stretches that loosen up your muscles and reduces stress on the muscle fibres.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to watch this video.

In the video, they explain the best exercises you can do in order to help reduce lower back pain. Complete these ritually every day and you should notice huge differences in the way you sit down and the amount of stress that has been relieved from your back.


#3: Posture

You hear it all the time as a child. “Stand up straight”,  “Don’t slouch”.

Your parents weren’t kidding when they were telling you that. Posture is really important when it comes to reducing lower back pain. When you slouch, you are putting pressure on your lower back which is causing more pain.  Similarly, sitting at a 90 degree angle can also cause the same pressure. The best way to sit down on a chair when in the office in at a reclined setting. Instead of sitting with your back straight, you go at a 135 degree angle as it doesn’t put your lower back at danger of over pressure.


That’s all there is in this guide. What other tips can you give to reduce lower back pain? Comment below.

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