Top 3 life hacks to creating the perfect home office

Not everyone works a 9-5 at an office. Some people may work from home due to problems, or they may have a freelance business where they are self-employed.

Whatever the reason for working at home, there is one thing all of these people have in common. A home office.

A home office is an essential part of a self-employed person’s lifestyle. It’s the only place in the house where it is possible to work without any distractions. If there’s one thing one should learn about the home office, it’s that it should be treated as a temple.

I’ve seen so many of my friends work office at home which looks HORRIFYING. I’m not even exaggerating. It looks more like a pig sty with a computer in it rather than an office. I decided to go teach my friend a thing or 2 about how to build the ultimate home office and while helping him, I thought it would be awesome to help out the community by teaching all of you 3 essential tips to creating the perfect home office.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


#1 Good seats

Often the most overlooked aspect of the home office is the chair. Not many people know how to choose the right chair for their home office and it’s scary. I see people who make do with plastic chairs for their main home office. That is not comfortable!

There are many ways to choosing the right armchairs but I’m not going to list them all here and tell you about them. The main factors are usually:

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#2 Simplify

Do you want to know the #1 way to getting things done while working? Efficiency. What’s the only way to be efficient when you work? Keeping it simple.  I know people personally who literally have paper cluttered everywhere, no organization, folders on the floor etc. No wonder these people are the most stressed with their careers. They won’t be able to find things they need at any given point.

The best thing you can do is ORGANISE. Keep all of your important papers together, staple them if need be. Keep your personal lives away from the home office. Don’t bring anything that will distract you from the office.

As long as you simplify everything in the office, you’ll mean a lean mean efficient machine.


#3: Ergonomics

Linking back to the right cheap armchairs, you will need one with ergonomic properties. This means you need to make sure that the armchair is not affecting your posture in a negative way. Your posture is important in the workplace and without the right armchair, you may be damaging your back.

You will also need to figure out how you work. Some people are short. Some people are tall. Work this around your advantage by placing everything in the right place where you can reach the mouse, see the computer without squinting, etc.

That’s all in this little guide. Comment below with your simple tips when it comes to creating the perfect home office.


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